Make a Greenland Paddle

Been wanting to make your own Greenland paddle? Did you sign up for the Greenland paddling class at SK102 last year hoping to borrow one? Do you have a half-finished paddle that has lingered for months waiting for attention, or just needs a few tweaks? Come join us for a workshop and get your own Greenland Paddle!

If you have never carved a paddle before, we will help you carve a blank (a piece of cedar that has been rough-cut to your custom dimensions) and instruction on the rest of the process. If you know the routine and want to make a new paddle from scratch, please join us and be prepared to share your experience. Or, if you have unfinished projects and just want company for motivation, and to trade tool use and tips, you are eagerly welcomed also. If you bring your own paddle, we’ll provide finishing materials (sanding blocks, tung oil), informative handouts, and guidance.
Dan working on a Greenland Paddle Blade.
Greenland Paddle Making 2007 Greenland Paddle Making 2008
View some photos from past Paddle Making Workshops help in 2007 and 2008 by clicking on the above images.
{anchor anchor=’2010video’ text=’View a composite video from the 2010 Paddle Making Event.’}

NOTE: The 2013 Greenland Paddle Workshop will be held in 2 parts, on March 17th and 24th. Click here for information on how to register.

View a day of Greenland Paddle Making video from March 2010



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