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The Chesapeake Paddlers Association, Inc. is an all-volunteer 501(c)4 non-profit organization consisting of about 700 members. All activities that we run are free or run at near cost. We have no paid members or officers.

We offer weekly weekday meetings in at least ten different areas around the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River, and organize trips and training sessions nearly every weekend during the warm weather season. These trips range from day trips, weekend car campers, multiday kayak camping trips, to week long trips in far off locations. Most of these trips are free, although there may be costs for launch or park fees.

However, the Chesapeake Paddlers Association, Inc. does not sell, rent, or otherwise supply kayaks or any other kayaking gear. Members or participants in our activities are expected to supply their own boats and gear.

CPA trips and events are organized by members of the club for members of the club. When you participate in them, please remember a few things: Trip and event leaders are “hosts”, not professional guides. They are not necessarily certified, trained in first aid or CPR, and do not always carry first aid equipment or safety devices for your use.

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CPA trips and events are scheduled through the CPA MeetUp Group.  You must join the meetup group to join our events.  Joining CPA Meetup is free.

A Brief History of the Chesapeake Paddlers Association

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