Updated Web Site Debuts

After nearly a year of work behind the scenes and after numerous glitches began showing up on our web site, this newly revised and more secure web site is now online. Since beginning work, Gregg Banse has been hired to take over the more complex aspects of our web site maintenance. Our volunteer web team still plays an active role, but this task was becoming overwhelming in terms of the time it was taking. Although the site name remains basically the same we are switching to a more secure encrypted platform (search HTTP vs. HTTPS). The Forums have been updated and a new Commercial Posts section added. A set of posting rules has been adopted located here . Navigation has been simplified. These are just some of the changes. Any comments or suggestions contact Rich Stevens, treasurer@cpakayaker.com . As with all web sites, this is a work in progress and there still may be some minor glitches to fix. You may need to re-register to post on the forums. We hope you will appreciate the improved site.

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