Introduction to Seakayaking SK-101

Chesapeake Paddlers Association

Come join us for a day of exploring sea kayaking with local paddlers and instructors, no boat needed!  Local paddlers sharing their experiences and expertise on a variety of topics. Learn how to get comfortable with a little more distance and a little more bounce to open up a world of new opportunities.

Cult Classic Brewery

Kent Island

Saturday, April 13, 9 am to 3 pm

Cost $40, lunch, snacks and beverages provided

Ticket available at

Topics include:

  • Your first boat: Boat styles, shapes and sizes
  • Picking the Perfect Paddle
  • Where to paddle
  • History of kayaking
  • Car top or trailer:  Getting Your Boat to the Water                     
  • Staying Safe on the Water
  • The three P’s (Pump, Paddle Float and PFD)
  • Fashion show of paddling garb and gear!
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