CPA Membership Renewal

Hullo CPA member!  

Dreaming about kayaking on warm breezy summer days? 

Now it’s time to get ready for more kayaking trips with CPA, while buffing up that boat & locating all your gear; do you know if your CPA membership is up for renewal?

Many trip leaders expect you to be an active CPA member when you join their trips via the  Meetup calendar sign-up.  

Our  CPA annual dues, including your FAMILY MEMBERS, is only $10.  Or you can choose multi-year rates of

  • $18 – 2 years,
  • $27- 3 years,
  • $35- 4 years (the BEST deal!) 

When your own membership is coming due, you will receive at least 4 monthly email reminders (or check for a renewal due date on your address label on the print version) – please don’t forget to stay up to date!   

There are a lot of SK102-ers whose “one-year-free” membership is also coming up for renewal in May.   Only active members receive our CPA Paddler Newsletter (10 times a year) – which is NOT available anywhere online.     Please do sign up  to receive the newsletter via email, then you will see all the events and our news fast – in full color – and with its interactive links.

It’s really  easy to renew online via PayPal –please  click here:

Or …. Mail your renewal check to: 

Chesapeake Paddlers Association, Inc.

PO Box 341

Greenbelt, MD 20768-0341

If you have any questions about your own membership status –  or if need to  update your mailing address or email, please contact Sue Stevens:

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