Cold Water Safety ZOOM Workshop March 18

Cold Water Workshop 2015

Chesapeake Paddlers Association and Moulton Avery of the National Center For Cold Water Safety have teamed up to offer you this workshop which will teach you how to kayak safely in cold water, how to dress for cold water and show you how to use the five Golden Rules of cold water safety to build yourself a strong safety net.

When: Mar 18, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Cold Water Spells Danger

In a preventable tragedy that repeats itself every year, warm air temperatures lure people into taking small boats out on lethally cold water, where a large number of them capsize or fall in – and drown. These folks aren’t stupid, or intentionally reckless, and many are good swimmers; they simply have the misfortune of falling into a exceptionally lethal and well-camouflaged trap.

The water doesn’t look deadly; in fact, it looks really inviting, and of course nothing bad occurs until someone actually falls in. When that does happen, however, any boater not properly dressed for cold water immersion is immediately plunged into a desperate, life-threatening race against time and the terribly lethal power of cold water: Cold Shock, Physical Incapacitation, Swimming Failure, and eventually, in the unlikely event that they live that long, Immersion Hypothermia.

Cold water safety is a complex issue. It’s poorly understood by the general public and the same holds true for many large organizations. Misinformation abounds, and can be found in books, magazine articles, news stories, videos, instruction manuals, and paddling courses. It’s also woven into the vast majority of cold water paddling advice available on the web.

This workshop will separate fact from fiction and show you how to use the five Golden Rules of cold water safety to build yourself a strong safety net. What you’ll learn could save your own life as well as the lives of others, and there’s no better instructor to teach you about the myths, misconceptions, and reality of cold water safety and survival than Moulton Avery.

Valuable, Life-Saving Information

The material on cold water safety and survival presented in this important workshop is vital for anyone venturing onto cold water in a small craft, whether their sport is canoeing, kayaking, angling, hunting, paddleboarding, board sailing, rowing, surf skiing, sailing, or motorboating.

Classroom Session

What is cold water and why is it so dangerous? Four stages of immersion. Five Golden Rules of cold water safety. Myths and misconceptions. Principles of insulation. Proper testing and use of cold water gear. Protecting your head, neck, torso, arms, legs, hands and feet. Discussion of recent close calls and fatalities.

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