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Dreaming about kayaking on warm summer days?  BE SURE to join our 2018 trips!   

IF you have recently seen an email – or two- or three every month asking about your own CPA membership status: it’s time to renew!!!!   Those who   have paid multi-year (4-year max.) CPA membership – will have reminders A LOT less often.   Please contact Sue Stevens –CPA Secretary- Membership to keep your email & address info up to date so that you can keep receiving the CPA Paddlers E-newsletters monthly.

Of course, you know that CPA offers multi-year membership dues discount: $10- 1yr, $18 – 2 yrs, $27- 3 yrs, OR the best deal at $35 for 4 years.   It’s really easy to renew online:

Did you know that the CPA FACEBOOK Page, our Meet up Event calendar and CPA Forum are easy to spot on our home page:   Please check your CPA calendar (sitting on the top row) for sea kayaking paddling days, camp trips, events & skill workshops.  *CPA does not provide rental/ loaner kayaks.

You can read about all kinds of kayaking topics on the CPA Forum- you do not need to log-in to read along – only if you wish to post a question or reply; just click on the CPA homepage link.  To set up your personal log on – if you wish to post – click here:

Discover more sea kayaking current news & topics on our CPA FACEBOOK Community Page (just bypass the Facebook request to log -in) – here:  

With the CPA online calendar – you also must join our CPA meetup  group  to see our  full calendar, trip details, sign up for our volunteer-led trips & events     

However, you may wish to contact /email the trip leader directly if you feel more comfortable signing up directly for trips with them.   They will have a lot more details about the upcoming trip– which is NOT shown on their Meetup calendar event – especially time and location.  Our volunteer trip leaders really want to know who is coming ahead of time. Of course, no one likes a surprise early in the morning after only one cup of coffee – if you have not told them you are coming!  Our volunteer trip leaders also may be asking a few questions about you and your kayak skill -set if they have not paddled before with you.  All our CPA Kayakers want to enjoy the day and paddle safe together!

Looking forward to 2018!

Sue Stevens


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