A New Website of Previously Published Kayaking Articles

On the beach at Caledon SP paddle-in CampsiteA new website: https://chesapeakekayaking.heimlichfamily.net/ was just launched. On this site, long-time CHESAPEAKE PADDLER editor collects nearly 20 years worth of articles about sea kayaking in the Chesapeake Bay region and surrounding areas from Maine to Florida. The original articles were mainly published in magazines devoted to sea kayak touring (Sea Kayaker and Atlantic Coastal Kayaker), and the newsletter of the Chesapeake Paddlers Association, Inc. (The Chesapeake Paddler). I commend the reader to these sources (alas, Sea Kayaker ceased publication in 2013), and have provided links to them.

The intention in creating this website was to make the collected articles available to the public and to provide a source of information on opportunities for paddling in the Chesapeake Bay region. While not a comprehensive source, the articles can provide a jumping-off place for further research. Some of the articles were written long enough ago that considerable fact-checking will be needed as to launches, landings, and other details for preparing paddle plans.

Please take a look and provide any comments to Ralph Heimlich.

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