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You may vote online at . Note, you MUST enter the last name and member number (on your membership card) for your membership for your vote to count.  Invalid votes will be discarded.  You may request your member number by contacting Sue Stevens, Membership Secretary  You may also mail in the ballot in the October newsletter.


Paula Hubbard I am running for CPA Coordinator because I believe that CPA provides a mix of events, skills training, that is very valuable to the paddling community. It has been a busy and eventful year for many of us and I would like to continue to support these activities and represent the club. This past year we had several very successful training events, SK101, SK102, Navigation Class, Fall Out of your Boat Day, etc. We continue to sponsor events for all level of paddlers including the Kent Island Practice Paddle Series, Meet and Greet sessions for new members, Boat Repair, Piracies, and just plain paddles. In addition we have supported improved water access in Ann Arundel County. I have been happy to have had the pleasure of working with many of the members and the steering committee in making CPA a viable and active organization and I am looking forward to continuing and improving these


Sue Stevens, Secretary Sue Stevens It is an honor to serve as our club Secretary and would be a pleasure to serve again in 2024. No way I could be the secretary and keep up with our members without help from our club officers and loyal Pirates. My tasks as Secretary include managing the off-line CPA membership database, the club meeting minutes, Paddler News e-distribution, and commuting to the CPA Mailbox in Greenbelt. I also manage our CPA membership renewal and dues status each month, assist at SK101 and set up our annual Kayak Skills Day /Gear Day. I organize the weekly locations & schedule for our weekly Pirates of Arundel Wednesday after-work-kayak outings, send monthly reminders, and post all launch info and directions to the CPA Meetup calendar from early May through October, when it gets dark too quickly, and the bugs start to bite. I also collect the Piracy waivers I am looking forward to a brand new safe, healthy and sane kayaking year in 2024!


Rich Stevens I have been Treasurer and Corporate Agent for CPA for a number of years now, and would be honored to serve again. I’ve worked to ensure that all the proper federal and state filings have been kept up to date. I’ve also worked hard to ensure that members are reimbursed in a timely manner, all payments are properly recorded and deposited, and that the necessary paperwork is kept up to date in an orderly fashion. I plan on continuing to work to seek other ways for the Club to give back to our members and to ensure that Club funds are spent wisely. Although I generally hate paperwork, I’ve enjoyed my work for CPA. No fame and glory, but a necessary part of a corporation. I also serve as Corporate Agent In addition, I’ve served as a Pirate Captain for the Pirates of Arundell for a number of years and assisted with SK101, Skills Day/Gear Day, and several other annual CPA events.
I’m part of the Website and Forum team under Gregg Banse.

Steering Committee (listed alphabetically)

Lisa Arrasmith I went looking for the Chesapeake Paddlers Association in the spring of 2005 as I planned to buy my first kayak. I’m glad I did. The people of the CPA led me to so many places on the water. Around Manhattan in 2010 and 2014 because of meeting Jerry Blackstone, instigator of the Manhattan Circumnavigation, at a CPA Elk Neck camper. Around Kent Island in one day because of meeting Marshall Woodruff, instigator of the Kent Island Practice Paddle (KIPP), as a CPA holiday party. Upside down in my boat because of the CPA’s insistence that everyone do a wet exit from the boat they’re in today. Me, I instigate public water access so everyone can get to the water. In the last ten years our wet feet activists- and that means you!- jailbroke 10 waterfront parks totaling 1,540 acres in Anne Arundel County. Together, the CPA does great things because we are all good at different things. I like being part of the Steering Committee team and hope you will re-elect me.

Beth Boyd
Beth Boyd I would be honored to serve another term on the Steering Committee, a position I have held since 2019. A 12-year member of CPA (time flies when you’re on the water!), I am a regular with the Pirates of Arundell, an SK102 alum, a KIPPer, a Loon, and a veteran co-editor of the Chesapeake Paddler. I am interested in expanding outreach to the kayak curious of all ages, supporting the trip leader training necessary to re￾populating our calendar, and protecting and promoting water access. If reelected, I will work to further the interests of the sea kayaking community, broadly conceived.

Marilyn CooperMarylin Cooper Hello there, I am running for the steering committee with the Chesapeake Paddlers Association again this year. I have been able to help support this organization through the Surgar Loaf Piracy and other events such as SK101 and yearly gatherings/ trainings. I want to bring my experience and leadership to help others to enjoy this sport that has become a large part of my life. I have been paddling for 7 years, attained my L3 instructor certification with ACA in the past year, and hope is using this experience to continue to serve on the steering committee. Some of my goals on the committee are to plan an interesting and informative SK101, help promote water access around our area, foster an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and explore opportunities to expand our partnership with other similar organizations.


Katherine Neale I am honored that several members of CPA have nominated me to be a member of the Chesapeake Paddlers Association Steering Committee. I have been a CPA member since June 2006 and have enjoyed many of the activities and fellowship that the Club has to offer. If re-elected, some of the things I would like to work on are: 1) Recruiting and training of more trip leaders from the membership so we can offer more trips; 2) Getting more members more involved in their local Piracies; 3)Promoting the Club to new paddlers; and 4) Helping to support safe and responsible sea kayaking.

Bill Smith It has been a real privilege to serve CPA for the past eight years with two years on the steering committee and six years as coordinator; I also lead 4-5 trips per year and help with most CPA training events. It would be an honor to serve on the steering committee again and would appreciate your support. I love giving back to the club and will continue to help create more training/skills events.


Ricardo Stewart
Ricardo Stewart I am honored to be nominated to serve on the Chesapeake Paddlers Association Steering Committee. I have been a CPA member since June 2015, participating in my first Sk102, and yes, it did rain! My path to CPA started with an introductory Sea Kayaking class offered by Chesapeake Kayak Adventures (CKA) in 2014 and then Canton Kayak Club (CKC) membership in 2021. After reactivating my CPA membership in 2022, I attended SK102 and many other activities and courses, including the KIPP paddles. I now paddle regularly with the Pirates of the Sugarloaf. I have enjoyed the fellowship, sense of community, peer mentoring, and opportunities to learn and develop as a kayaker that CPA has provided. If elected, some of the things I would like to work on are 1) Lowering the barrier to entry for Sea Kayaking and participation with CPA; 2) Working on a plan to complement the weekly Piracy paddles with more frequent trips/paddles on the weekends; 3) Helping CPA collaborate with organizations that serve less-experienced sea kayakers and non-kayak owners, providing a path for their development into more confident sea kayakers and CPA members.


You may vote online at . Note, you MUST enter the last name and member number (on your membership card) for your membership for your vote to count.  Invalid votes will be discarded.  An email will be sent to the email of record for the membership in early October.  Check your inbox. You may also mail in the ballot in this newsletter.


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