CPA Officer Election Stump Speeches


Paula Hubbard It has been 12 years since I started paddling with CPA.  Along the way I have met many wonderful people and paddlers.  I have served on the Steering Committee for many years and now that Bill Smith is stepping down, I believe that I can serve both CPA and the paddling community as Coordinator.   CPA has many resources that are used to promote paddling safety, education, water access and conservation.  As coordinator, these will also be my goals.  I will continue to volunteer my time as an instructor to CPA training events and will assist trip leaders in planning and leading paddles.  We need to continue to encourage our members to lead paddles.  I will continue to promote diversity within our club and the paddling community.  We will only grow when we invite more paddlers of all levels to join regardless of their equipment.  I will always encourage paddlers to improve skills though training and practice.  It’s all about the love for our sport.


Sue Stevens It is an honor to serve as our club Secretary and would be a pleasure  to serve again in 2023. No way I could be the secretary and keep up with our members without help from our club officers and loyal Pirates. 

My tasks as Secretary include managing the off-line CPA membership database, the club meeting minutes, The Chesapeake Paddler e-distribution, and commuting to the CPA Mailbox in Greenbelt.  I also manage our CPA membership renewal and dues status each month, assist at SK101 and  help at Gear Day. I organize the weekly locations and schedule for the Pirates of Arundell. I am looking forward to a brand new safe, healthy and sane kayaking year in 2023!


Rich Stevens I have been treasurer for a number of years now, and would be honored to serve again. Now that the Club is incorporated and on a sound legal basis, I’ve worked to ensure that all the proper federal and state filings have been kept up to date. I’ve also worked hard to ensure that members are reimbursed in a timely manner, all payments are properly recorded and deposited, and that the necessary paperwork is kept up to date in an orderly fashion.

I also worked with the Steering Committee to update our bylaws, which were adopted at the last Annual Meeting. I plan on continuing to work to seek other ways for the Club to give back to our members and to ensure that Club funds are spent wisely. Although I generally hate paperwork, I’ve enjoyed my work for CPA. No fame and glory, but a necessary part of the club’s activities.


Steering Committee (listed alphabetically)

Lisa Arrasmith I’m running for re-election to the Steering Committee. If reelected I will continue my efforts for public water access in Anne Arundel County and beyond and hopefully run some trips next year. Public water access in Anne Arundel County in 2022 has been a mixed bag. On the good side, the improvements at Beverly Triton Park, promised since 1985 and slow rolled three times since 2019, are in construction.  The completion, however, has slipped from October 2022 to November 2022+. On the bad side, the Anne Arundel County administration is apparently determined to convert Homeport Farm Park into a rowing center, a de facto privatization of the only usable public water access point on the South River. It looks like a re-run of the “community boathouse” takeover strategy of Jack’s Boathouse on the Potomac in Georgetown. If the neighbors around the park litigate, Homeport may replace Crystal Springs as the painfully long running land use lawsuit on the South River in Annapolis. Stay tuned for efforts to keep Homeport Farm Park open to the general public. Please vote for me and I’ll do my best to get us all to the water and have a lot of fun when we get there.
Every child should grow up with the water, not find the water in midlife like me.

Beth Boyd I have served on the Steering Committee since 2019 and would be honored and pleased to continue in this capacity. CPA has offered me education, camaraderie, and unparalleled opportunities for getting out on the water, and I would like to “pay it forward” for paddlers new to the sport. I am especially interested in  supporting the trip leader training necessary to repopulating our calendar; expanding outreach to new-ish paddlers via allied watersports and environmental organizations; and, supporting our water access advocacy. A member of CPA since 2011, I regularly paddle with the Pirates of Arundell, am a KIPP survivor and SK102 alum, and served as co-editor of the Chesapeake Paddler for three years. This summer I accomplished a personal goal: paddling around New York City in the 2022 Gerry Blackstone Manhattan Kayak Circumnavigation. I would be honored to serve again and will work to further the interests of the sea kayaking community.

Marilyn CooperMarylin Cooper I would like to continue the outstanding work CPA has been doing to bring more people into the kayaking world as a member of the Steering Committee. I have enjoyed the years I have been able to participate in a sport that brings together so many people of diverse and unique backgrounds.

Smiles are abundant and people are helping by also looking out for each other and nature which are both priceless. I would like to see even more diversity in the people we welcome to not only enjoy the sport but also to become part of our CPA kayaking family. Any group organization that wants to thrive must reach out to new individuals to share ideas, knowledge, and support. This sharing of knowledge or skills can be done through an event, class or just paddling beside someone more experienced. Through shared experience, CPA will become a stronger community of paddlers. I hope you will join with me with your support in the effort.

Katherine Neale I am honored that several members of CPA have nominated me to be a member of the Chesapeake Paddlers Association Steering Committee. I have been a CPA member since June 2006 and have enjoyed many of the activities and fellowship that the Club has to offer. If re-elected, some of the things I would like to work on are: 1) Recruiting and training of more trip leaders from the membership so we can offer more trips; 2) Getting more members more involved in their local Piracies; 3) Promoting the Club to new paddlers; and 4) Helping to support safe and responsible sea kayaking.

Bill Smith It has been a real privilege to serve as the CPA Coordinator for the past six years and would appreciate your continued support for the upcoming year.

I have received a lot of support from our members and greatly appreciate it. I have high hopes for this coming year as we continue to climb out of the COVID fiasco with improved Club activities and trips.

Gary Trotter I am honored to be nominated to serve as a member of the Chesapeake Paddlers Association Steering Committee.

My wife Michelle and I have been a member of the CPA since November 2017. We have attended SK101 and 102, participated in various piracies and several other Club activities.

I have enjoyed meeting and fellowship with members of the CPA paddling community, improving my paddling skills, and exploring different activities for sea kayaking.

If elected to serve I would look for opportunities to attract, encourage, and retain new members; lower barriers to entry for novice paddlers; stress importance of water safety; and to cultivate increased access and usage of Chesapeake Bay and tributaries.

You may vote online at . Note, you MUST enter the last name and member number (on your membership card) for your membership for your vote to count.  Invalid votes will be discarded.  An email will be sent to the email of record for the membership in early October.  Check your inbox. You may also mail in the ballot in this newsletter.

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