The CPA election and more progress on water access

With October comes the transition from summer to fall which is a great time of year and my favorite season.  I love the colors, the cooler weather and the smaller crowds. It is also time to get out and vote for the CPA Officers. Please show your support by casting a ballot.

You can vote online or snail mail up to the annual meeting, you just need your member number to vote online. One vote per household membership, you can also vote at the meeting. The votes will be tallied and announced at the meeting.

Beverly Triton Park

The battle over Beverly Triton Park has finally come to an end with Anne Arundel County approving the budget to get the beach facility built. The construction is supposed to begin this winter and be complete by next summer. The construction consists of a bathhouse with showers, improved parking and upgrade to some of the trails.                          

I truly believe that once the county upgrades the park the chance of shutting it down or returning to private is impossible.

Beverly Triton has an interesting history considering the property was originally acquired by the county to save it from a developer. The county utilized state and federal funds earmarked for public recreation, but the locals successfully kept it private for the use of Beverly Triton residents only.

It is one of my favorite county parks and a great launch to visit Thomas Point Lighthouse. I have been leading Thomas Point trips from this park for the last several years. I sometimes visit the park especially during the off season to walk the beach and some of the hiking trails. It is a great place to visit whether you are paddling or just taking a hike.

Solley Cove

Solley Cove is another county park in Anne Arundel County that was dedicated this past summer. I recently visited the park for the first time at the coaxing of Dave Battey and was pleasantly surprised what a gem it is. The launch is in Solley cove and is adjacent to Curtis Bay which is mostly industrial with a cove full of shipwrecks.

While driving to the park I passed through Baltimore style row houses and mixed industrial but the park itself is surprisingly wooded and seemingly rural.

This has been a long fight with the local natives who have fought diligently for 20 some years to keep it private but thanks to the hard work and determination of the Water Access Committee the county finally agreed.

A giant shout out to Lisa Arrasmith who has been the voice behind the Water Access Committee and who worked nonstop to get it done. This is a big deal when you consider the locals fought tooth and nail to prevent it falling into public hands.

Bill Smith

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