October 2009

The end of the summer paddling season is here. This time of year always makes me think of one thing. No, it is not the cold. It is the warmth! The warmth which is generated by all the wonderful volunteer effort within this club.

Now that the CPA Annual Meeting is only just around the corner, I start thinking about how this club is run, and what makes it such a great collection of people, activities, knowledge, adventure, and skill. What is it that makes this all possible? Volunteers! There is no way that I can repeat enough how great the volunteers are who keep this club active, or to thank them enough for doing such a great job.

We know who we are. We know what we do for the club. But let me reiterate here for just a moment.

Without the tireless dedication of the Officers of the club, we could not have the Newsletter, the Club Benefits, and the organization that the Membership brings. Thank you Sue Bauer, Rich Stevens, Ralph Heimlich (as well as Mark Woodruff and Paul Bieri).

Without the Steering Committee, we could not have the stoic motion forward which this club has achieved over the past 15 years, including the incorporation, the safety record, and the many vast events. Thank you Brian Blankenship, Gina Cicotello, Ed Hershon, Suzanne Farace, and Yvonne Thayer (and the others already mentioned).

Without the trip leaders and event organizers, we could not have day trips, evening Pirate gatherings, paddling campers, gear days, adventure vacations, and skills sessions and even a club library! Although the names are too many to mention, you all have had the warm thanks of nearly every paddler on the East Coast at one time or another. A warm-fuzzy may not be the best offering of gratitude, but you know you have nearly 700 warm-fuzzies focused in your direction.

Without the membership of this club we simply could not be what we are. You all deserve the biggest, warmest thanks of all. You are the individuals who make kayaking what it is, who make the club events what they are, who make the club what it is. You support all those already mentioned, and are the acting leaders, organizers, committee members and officers of tomorrow.

So thank you all. And if you are sitting at home right now thinking of all the thanks you would give to those who helped you with your club experiences in 2009, then you are showing your support for this fine organization. Continue to show that support throughout the next year as well. Start by coming to the Annual Meeting on November 1st, and then consider how the club can be better for 2010. Make your voice heard, offer your ideas, help make an event happen, plan a trip where others can come together, offer your focus in aiming this club towards its new destination. You all make this club what it is. Now, come with me and let’s make it happen!

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