CPA Web Posting Policies

Rules for posting trips and events on the CPA forums, Meetup, and the Meetup and CPA calendars:

  1. Posts of commercial or for-profit events on Meetup and the Meetup and CPA calendars are strictly forbidden with the exceptions listed below. These posts may include, but are not limited to retail sales, classes, symposia, trips, demos by retailers and outfitters, etc. Posts of this nature are permitted on the Commercial Posts section of our forums.
  2. Commercial posts that offer special discounts or other special treatment that benefits CPA members may be posted in the Special Offers section of our forums.
  3. Commercial posters are limited to two posts per month on the forums. These posts should be limited to a brief description of the offer or event and, optionally, a web address for more information.
  4. Any CPA member in good standing may post one commercial event on the CPA or Meetup calendar per year if it meets the following requirements. The event must be of general interest to the greater kayaking community. It must be a relatively large event with multiple organizers, presenters, or instructors. The posting member must be directly involved in some capacity with the event. Finally, the event must be clearly marked as a non-CPA event on the calendar.
  5. There is a further narrow exception for posting of commercial events on Meetup and the Meetup and CPA calendars where CPA has a presence in the form of a table or other means to promote CPA and recruit new members. A CPA member must be present and that member may not have a direct or indirect financial interest in the event.
  6. Official CPA trips and events are permitted to be posted on Meetup and the Meetup and CPA calendars. These trips and events must abide by all CPA rules and the CPA requirements of our insurance liability policy, including collection of the CPA waiver. The CPA steering committee may, at its discretion, determine if the events posted are suitable for posting.
  7. Kayak related events run by charitable or other non-profit groups may also be posted. These may include, but are not limited to classes, swim supports, and races.
  8. Events that are consistent with CPA’s mission statement may also be posted. These may include events such as public meetings that deal with water access or legislation affecting the kayaking community at large, new launch site or kayak camping site openings, etc. Posts may not be for events endorsing any political party or candidate.
  9. All posts for events that are not official CPA events that are otherwise allowed, such as events not organized by a CPA member or volunteer and not complying with the appropriate CPA rules must be clearly titled beginning with “Non-CPA Event”.
  10. Please use common sense before posting a non-CPA event to avoid overwhelming our calendars and reducing their usefulness. Posters should determine if the event to be posted is of general interest to our members.
  11. These rules are subject to change by the CPA Steering Committee at any time if issues arise.


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