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About the Logo: The Elements and Their Symbolism

Our goal for designing the CPA logo was to capture the essence of the organization and the experience of sea kayaking. Each element was carefully chosen to convey aspects of this essence.

The topographic view of the Chesapeake Bay shows the place where we paddle. Much of sea kayaking involves navigation so it also represents a common tool we use, a map. The colors are literal for easier recognition of the shape: green for earth, blue for water.

The sea kayak is included in the logo as it is the vehicle of our sport. At a sea level view, the kayak cuts through a wave, creating a bow wake. Its color ranges from yellow to red to reflect the warmth of the sun and contrast the cool green and blues of land and water.

The wave represents the substance in which we immerse as we engage in our favorite sport. It ties the map and kayak together as a feature common to both elements. In the light version, the wave is blue for water. In the reverse, the wave is purple, from the spectrum of colors we see at dusk as the sun sets. Other symbolism: The wave creates a swelling horizon or a bow wake depending on how you look at it. The wave is also reflective of an aerial view of the sea where the change in color marks a change in water depth.

The circle serves as a container for the logo. From a topographic perspective the circle represents the earth to reflect sea kayaking as a traveling sport. From sea level, it represents the sun or moon depending on the light or dark backdrop the logo sits on.

The typeface is a familiar nautical font classically wrapped around the circular logo.

The CPA logo was designed compliments of Barbara Foley in February 2003



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