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Prior to each trip or event, trip leaders/planners and event organizers may provide further details through this calendar of events, the CPA Newsletter, or the CPA Forums.

For the safety of the group as a whole, trip participants must agree to abide by club policies and rules and to follow instructions of the trip leader. Potential paddlers will be pre-screened for skills and equipment. All paddlers must sign a CPA Waiver of Liability.

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* CPA trip leaders are required to possess these leadership skills. Do you have CPA trips to post on the calendar, email

CPA Sponsored Event CPA Sponsored CPA Sponsored Event
This event is sponsored by the CPA.
All Paddlers All Paddlers All Paddlers
This event is for individuals of all skill levels.
First Timer Paddlers First Timer Paddlers First Timer Paddlers
This event is for those who have never paddled before. No prior skills needed.
Beginner Paddlers Beginner Beginner Paddlers
This event is for those who have paddled some, taken classes, or been on short (up to 4-mile) trips and are able to do a wet exit and paddle float re-entry.
Advanced Beginner Paddlers Advanced Beginner Advanced Beginner Paddlers
This event is for those who have been on longer trips (up to 10 miles, full day outings), have some experience with varying conditions such as winds and waves and have good rescue and group-paddling skills.
Intermediate Paddlers Intermediate Intermediate Paddlers
This event is for those who are comfortable on longer trips (more than 10 miles), can maintain a steady pace for extended periods, are comfortable with open water crossings of 2+ miles, can handle a variety of water conditions, and have strong self/group-rescue skills.

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