Now is the time to tell us who you think should play an active part in steering the club. Nominate someone who you think will help play an active role over the next year to vote on issues, create fun activities, and keep the participation of the club lively through 2019.  To enter a nomination, click here .

Note that nominations are NOT the same as voting. Nominations will show who has been nominated for an office or for the Steering Committee, and will eventually lead to the ballot for voting on positions in the coming year. Voting will take place at or leading up to the November Annual Meeting, and will determine which individuals will hold which positions for the coming year.

Current Incumbents who are willing to run again are:

Bill Smith–Coordinator
Rich Stevens–Treasurer
Sue Stevens–Membership Secretary
Steering Committee
Ralph Heimlich
Paula Hubbard
Chip Walsh

Expressions of interest have been received from

Linda Delaney
Katherine Neale
Shelly Wiechelt

Currently Nominated Members

No officers have been nominated so far.

Nominate someone now!


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