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2019 KIP – Kent Island Paddling Series =long distance training

May 18 @ 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

The 2019 Kent Island Paddle Series (KIP) is coming !
If you have thought about joining this unusual series we will be starting April 20th.

This is the fourteenth year for a most unusual set of paddles. It is not for everyone…BUT it is one of the most significant paddles series in the country. It will change you as a paddler, you will have the tools to do any kind of paddle you want to do, well almost!. You will build up that confidence in yourself and your skills.

The Kent Island Paddle, KIP, is not meant for just a distance paddle but for paddlers who want to build their skills and knowledge of paddling. It is there for something to be achieved, a measurement in paddling. It is meant for a little discipline in paddling, a teaching aid, a push, some fun and something to look forward to each month, a big commitment once a month.

The KIP series is meant for those that join in, to have a bonding experience with each other, the paddle and meet their personal goals. For the practice sessions it is a group effort to paddle together. This is a paddle geared towards someone who wants to practice and get in shape over the next several months in preparation for a personal distance paddle. The practice series is a group effort, the final paddle is a personal effort. Your speed and distance is up to you at this time. However we all launch at the same put-in.

This paddle will have six practice paddles once a month, from April thru Sept., culminating in a final paddle in September.

Kent Island is located just after the Bay Bridge or before, depending where you live, surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay and the Chester River. These are the KIPP paddles, Kent Island Practice Paddles. We will experience wind, waves, currents, fetch, rain, heat, dead calm and of course distance, working as a team, rescues and anything else we can throw in and at you. The distance comes in increments as we progress. Your personal paddling goal, in distance may be 12 to 15 miles, or 15 to 20 miles or 20 to 25 miles or to circumnavigate the entire Island of 34 miles. You may use this as a yearly stepping stone and increase your distance each year

During the practice sessions there are always spots to bail and you will be picked up.

This is a vehicle that is available to you. This is a great chance to accelerate your learning curve in paddling and understanding of the Chesapeake Bay. To see how you have grown in your skills and comfort with our environment and sport we have chosen.

The first two sessions will be open to advanced beginners where we “get to know each other”. This is done by having different exercises, working together, rescues, towing, anything we can think of for the group to get to know each other.

Each paddler will be expected to have the minimum requirements of pfd, spray skirt, appropriate clothes for the water temperature, pump and paddle float.

This is a BIG commitment, once a month from April thru September. Not easy to do, but worth it, we promise. Ask any KIPPER!!!!

“By your discipline, training and alertness, you will be in charge”.

FOR DETAILS -PLEASE email me at marshall.woodruff@gmail.com.
PHONE : 202-345-0606


KIP-14 2019
April 20
May 18
June 8
July 13
Aug 10
Sept 7
Final Sept 21


May 18
6:00 am - 6:00 pm


Chesapeake Paddlers Association