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SK101: An Introduction to Sea Kayaking

A one-day seminar on the basics of sea kayaking. Topics include kayak and paddle design, how to choose boats and equipment, basics of safe paddling, dealing with cold water, how to find people to paddle with, where to paddle, and other topics of interest. There are boats and gear display, and knowledgeable people available to discuss different aspects of kayaking. Although this event is primarily for the newer paddler, everyone is invited to expand their paddling horizons.

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View pictures from 2012 SK101.

SK101 will take place on 14 March, 2015.
Registration is now open.

Jenny Welker-Plummer teaching students about kayak history.
Photo courtesy of Catriona Miller.

SK102: Sea Kayaking Skill Sets Clinic

Photo courtesy of DJ Manalo.

This annual event is geared towards the new paddler and includes free lessons in strokes, bracing, rescues, rolling, navigation and more. This event is held on a warm water lake courtesy of two club members who own the land graciously offered to be used by all participants.

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Read a write up from 2013 SK102.

See photos of 2013 SK102.

See photos of 2012 SK102.

See photos of 2011 SK102.

Scheduled for April 24th-26th, 2015. 

Cold Water Workshop

Acknowledged experts on cold water paddling and true-life adventurers discuss preparation and equipment, physiological dangers, relative costs of equipment, demo clothing and protective gear, and more.

The 2014 Cold Water Workshop has already occured, please stay tuned for 2015's information.

SK203: Trip Leader Training

Rick Wiebush demonstrates essential safety gear for trip leaders to carry. Photo courtesy of Catriona Miller.

This course is designed for those who want to lead trips for CPA. Other members may attend if space is available.

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Trip leader training was not held in 2014, but we are looking forward to offering it in 2015.

Greenland Paddle Making

Together we will carve Greenland paddles from Cedar. Excellent instruction provided and helping hands will be present.

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The 2014 Greenland Paddle Making Workshop has already occured, please stay tuned for 2015's information.

Photo courtesy of Caroline Labbe.

Boat & Paddle Workshop

Bela Marissey and Rich Stevens install a smart trak rudder system. Photo courtesy of Catriona Miller.

Need to freshen up your boat for spring? We have volunteers present to advise and help. Replace your decklines, foam it out to fit you, install keel-eazy?

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See photos of 2012 Boat workday.

Stay tuned for information on the 2015 Boat & Paddle Workshop.

Gear & Fall out of your boat day

A club open house where members demonstrate the uses of various kayaking gear and an opportunity to fall out of your boat and practice self rescues..

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See photos of 2011 Gear/Fall out of your Boat Day.

Stay tuned for the 2015 dates.

Photo courtesy of Catriona Miller.

Indoor Pool Sessions

Catriona Miller teaching a UMD student to roll
at an indoor pool session, Maryland. Photo courtesy of DJ Manalo

During the winter season, the CPA enjoys access to indoor pool sessions within the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. area to practice and learn new skills. These are open sessions, not lessons. Members are responsible for bringing their own boat and gear.

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