Introduction to Kayaking SK101

Are you new to kayaking? Did you miss our SK101 Introduction to Sea Kayaking course in March?  While not nearly as good, these are a series of presentations developed by CPA members to assist new paddlers.

  • CLOTHING FOR KAYAKING was developed by Rob Pearlman for the 2011 SK101 class.  Also, there is a link to a resource list.
  • KAYAK GEAR was developed by Jen Bine and Rob Pearlman for the 2010 SK101 class. 
  • KAYAK RACKS AND LOADING was developed by Sue and Rich Stevens for the 2019 SK101 class to explain how to transport your kayak on your car. For more information to complement the PowerPoint presentation and tips on kayak storage, look HERE and HERE. This material may be used freely by anyone, in whole or in part, as long as the authors are notified and attribution is given.
  • PLACES TO PADDLE was developed by Suzanne Farace for the 2018 SK101 class, showcasing the variety of put ins and kayaking opportunities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. KAYAKING RESOURCE LIST is a listing of links to many launch sites and paddling venues. A comprehensive atlas of launch sites and paddle-in camping sites is here.
  • BASIC KAYAK SAFETY is a presentation by CPA and Coast Guard Auxiliary members Wendy Norwitz and Ron Price for the 2018 SK101 class.
  • WHAT’S IT LIKE TO GO ON A CPA TRIP? was developed by Ralph Heimlich and Linda Delaney for the 2018 SK101 class.

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