CPA Online Balloting Now Open–CPA Officer Nominees Stump Speeches

Now is the time to go online and vote for CPA Officers and the Steering Committee.  The candidates and their “stump speeches” are below.  To vote, you will need your CPA member number (a reminder will be emailed the first week in October).  Go here to cast your ballot.





Bill Smith—It’s been a real honor to serve as coordinator for the past two years and to serve again this coming year. Besides performing the coordinator duties, I enjoy being an active trip leader which I plan to continue into the future and get more involved with the water access issues. I have been an active paddler since my pre-teens and hope to continue for many years to come. Thank You for your support.



Rich Stevens—I have been treasurer for several years now, and would be honored to serve again. Now that the Club is incorporated and on a sound legal basis, I’ve worked to insure that all the proper federal and state filings have been kept up to date. I’ve also worked hard to insure that members are reimbursed in a timely manner, all payments are properly recorded and deposited, and that the necessary paperwork is kept up to date in an orderly fashion. I plan on continuing to work to seek other ways for the Club to give back to our members and to insure that Club funds are spent wisely. Although I generally hate paperwork, I’ve enjoyed my work for CPA. No fame and glory, but a necessary part of a corporation.



Sue Stevens—I have been CPA Secretary for several years now, and would be honored to serve you all again.  Most often, you can spot me kayaking with our weekly Wednesday-after-work Arundell Pirates; as well as helping out with the other folks at other events, and organizing the annual Wye Island Circum-navigation day trips, the week- long ADK excursion, and other local day trips.  I work with Rich, my husband, to coordinate membership info with payments received, and collecting CPA PO incoming mail monthly.    As I keep track of the club membership, it is encouraging that so many of our members continue to be involved in CPA – by coming out for events, campers, and day trips, and of course- renewing their own membership for multiple years (it’s better savings discount too!)   I welcome our many new members who join during the year – and HOPEFULLY keep coming back for more trips and skills days.   My tasks as Secretary include managing the off-line CPA membership database, handling our monthly Paddler newsletter e-distribution, and, of course, reminding folks – through the year – about their CPA membership renewal. I am very happy to serve our very active club members.


Steering Committee (listed alphabetically, choose six)

Linda Delaney—As a new kayaker, I feel I can assist CPA by representing that segment of our membership and providing what I hope will be helpful insight into what draws new folks to the sport and to CPA.




Ralph Heimlich—I have been an active member of CPA for the last 16 years, and am honored to be nominated to continue on the Steering Committee. My particular interests are a) trip leading, particularly multi-day kayak touring trips; b) training new trip leaders to continue the Club’s strong programs; c) water access issues, particularly promoting new paddle-in campsites; and d) interfacing with other recreational and environmental organizations that pursue goals congruent with sea kayaking interests. This past year, I’ve worked with MD DNR staff on plans for a new State Park on the Bohemia River, updated entries for the Chesapeake Bay Launch Site and Paddle-in Campsite Atlas on CPA’s web page, and continued leading trips. If elected, I hope to continue these efforts in support of the sea kayaking community.

Paula Hubbard—CPA has done a great job in promoting safe kayaking, water access, and water safety education. I enjoy the time I have spend working with CPA members and would like to continue serving on the steering committee.



Katherine Neale—I am honored that several members of CPA have nominated me to be a member of the Chesapeake Paddlers Association Steering Committee. I have been a CPA member since June of 2006, and have enjoyed many of the activities and fellowship that the club has to offer.  If elected, some of the things I would like to work on are: 1)  Recruiting and training of more trip leaders from the membership, so we can offer more trips; 2)  Getting more members more involved in their local Piracies;  3)  Promoting the club to new paddler; and  4)  Helping to support safe and responsible sea kayaking.


Chip Walsh—Last year I learned a lot about CPA waivers. For one thing, I learned our insurance does not require us to collect waivers more than once a year. If elected I will ask the club to eliminate the requirement for per-event waivers. But I can’t do it alone. If you vote for me, you should also let others know you favor a “one waiver” policy. Let’s make CPA a paddling club, not a paperwork club!



Shelly Wiechelt—I am excited about being nominated for the CPA Steering Committee. Kayaking brings me great joy and CPA provides me with lots of opportunities to realize that joy. CPA has helped me to expand my kayaking skills via training at SK 102, trip leader training, KIPP series, and pool sessions. There are numerous chances to paddle with great people! I really enjoy the organization and would very much like to give back to the community. I intend to promote the CPA mission of helping people safely enjoy sea kayaking. I hope to bring new ideas and new energy to the committee to help generate even more fun learning and playing opportunities for our members. If elected, I will work diligently to promote a welcoming, inclusive, fun, and safe paddling club.







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