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Eastern Neck Winter 2013 Paddle

The beginning of our 2013 Eastern Neck Paddle Series
When: February 16,  2013 (Saturday)
Skill Level: (Advanced Beginner) This event is for those who have been on longer trips (up to 10 miles, full day outings), have some experience with varying conditions such as winds and waves and have good rescue and group-paddling skills.
Organizer(s):   (202) 345-0606

The beginning of our 2013 Eastern Neck Paddle Series
start Saturday, February 16th.  Yippee, a nice winter paddle. This
paddle is a chance to dress up, get out and paddle in the cold icy winter,
around a frozen desolate Island, looking for all the hidden birds that are
hiding in the snow, grasses, in the barren trees, bobbing on the water and
having the sea gulls laugh at us for being out there. But it is a chance to compare
a day like that to one of the summer paddles, dipping in the water to stay
cool. Many of us have done this paddle a number of times but I truly
believe that each paddle is different. Each season brings something different
to the paddle. Nature is ever present with her special touch to the paddle. It
is a little bit of a puzzle, never knowing what it will be like. Perhaps that
is one of the reasons we keep coming back, a surprise and enjoyment each time,
so precious for us today.

The Eastern Neck Refuge is 2,285 acre island
refuge, a major feeding and resting place for migratory and wintering
waterfowl. As we circle the island, we will paddle along the Chester River, the
Chesapeake Bay and explore numerous creeks, if they are not iced up. This will
be a 10ish mile trip, finishing between 2:00 and 4:00pm. Bring lunch, hot tea
and a breakfast snack, for energy. We will stop along the way on the sandy
shores for lunch. Sorry no Cabaña People to meet us for this trip, they all
went south for the winter.

This event [2/16]
is for advanced beginners, those who are comfortable on longer trips, can
handle a variety of water conditions, wind, waves, current and have good rescue
and group paddling skills. Dress for the cold water. It is a hardy paddle
with the weather and water conditions, so be prepared. These are group paddles,
we will launch together and paddle together.

Again, this is a great trip
and location, what kayaking is all about, so join us for the adventure and
paddle Saturday February 20th.

Afterwards, we can put back the calories we burned, get unfrozen
at our favorite restaurant, which is closed for the winter, so we have to find
another, but the ice cream parlor is open, thank goodness.

Contact: include phone number and if you are new to these
paddles something about yourself and your kayak.


Eastern Neck Paddles 2013

  • EN-1 13'    2/16
  • Camping: EN-2 13'    7/6 [open to all paddlers]
  • EN-3 13'   10/3 [open to all paddlers]
  • EN-4 13'  Nov./ Dec.  ‘Looking for the swans’ (on call)


For the safety of the group as a whole, trip participants must agree to abide by club policies and rules and to follow instructions of the trip leader. Potential paddlers will be pre-screened for skills and equipment.

Start Paddling Sooner!

Print out and sign this CPA Waiver of Liability form and bring it with you to the launch location.

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