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Wilderness and Remote First Aid Course/Camp

American Red Cross first aid training for situations when advanced medical care may be delayed
When: March 30 2013 12:00 AM to March 31 2013 12:00 AM
Organizer(s):   571-969-1866,  Paul Bieri

This two day, one night course is designed for participants to learn lifesaving skills when in an outdoor setting where advanced medical care could be delayed.  (Perfect for kayakers!)  The course provides participants the opportunity to learn and practice emergency first aid and decision-making using a combination of classroom discussions, skill practices and outdoor first aid scenarios.  The training is sponsored by the Chesapeake Paddlers Association.

Dates: 9am Saturday, March 30th (including Saturday night) until Sunday, March 31st at 4pm (FYI- this is Easter weekend)

 Location: Camp Wright- Kent Island, MD

 Instructors: Paul Bieri and Tom Heneghan

 Enrolling in this Course

The limited spaces in this course are expected to fill quickly. Current CPA membership is required and priority will be given to CPA Members that were trip leaders in 2012 or are leading CPA trips in 2013.  If you have never lead a CPA trip, this is a good excuse to start. Note- While the CPA has Trip Leader training courses, no formal training is required to lead CPA trips. 

We will maintain a waiting list for those that have not lead a trip or have not posted a trip on the CPA calendar they will be leading in 2013. Contact me if you wish to have a trip posted on CPA calendar. There are also trip planning meetings on the CPA calendar in February that you can attend to get some great ideas on trips you can lead and get posted on the CPA calendar. 

Prerequisite for Those Needing Certification in Wilderness and Remote First Aid: Adult CPR/AED certification from the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross (we are not teaching this separate course during the weekend.  If you are not currently certified in Adult CPR/AED, you must take this class on your own.) There are several CPR courses available from both the AHA and ARC.  Please make sure the one you sign up for has at least Adult CPR/AED in it..

Note: While only required for those that will need certification in the WRFA course, CPR/AED certification is recommended for all people attending. The much of the skills skill learned in the Adult CPR depend on muscle memory. If you have not practiced lately, we suggest every take a CPR class every couple years.

Course Cost: $27.50 Includes:

  • Attending  the entire course and participating in all classroom sessions and practice scenarios
  • Tent camping site and use of the camps bathrooms and shower facilities
  • Electronic downloads of course materials:
    1.  Wilderness and Remote First Aid Emergency Reference Guide
    2. Wilderness and Remote First Aid Pocket Guide
  • Basic first aid supplies for all practice sessions (gloves, gauze, etc.)

  Additional and Optional Costs:

 To Sign up- There are a limited number of spots available for this course and priority will be given to CPA Trip Leaders

To apply, email Tom -to avoid being put on the waiting list, remind him of a CPA trip you lead in 2012, or give him the dates of a CPA trip you are leading this year.

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For the safety of the group as a whole, trip participants must agree to abide by club policies and rules and to follow instructions of the trip leader. Potential paddlers will be pre-screened for skills and equipment.

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