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Patuxent River Cleanup

Give back to the river with an on-water trash cleanup of the middle Patuxent River
When: April  6,  2013 (Saturday)
Skill Level: (Beginner) This event is for those who have paddled some, taken classes, or been on short (up to 4-mile) trips and are able to do a wet exit and paddle float re-entry.
Organizer(s):   301-498-0918 (leave a message),   410-562-3466

We use canoes for their trash hauling capability. A number of canoes will be available. If you can bring a canoe, let us know. If you'd like to crew in a canoe, let us know. Otherwise, bring your kayak and throw trash in somebody else's canoe.

We'll launch from Queen Anne Canoe landing and clean up the channel and both banks down to the Hills Bridge (RT 4).  This is COLD WATER paddling, so at least a wet suit is required.  It is also muddy and dirty, so think about a coverall to protect your paddling gear and sturdy mud boots for going ashore.  A "grabber" or other implement to fish bottles and cans out of the drink is also useful.  Bring water and lunch, we'll stop along the way.

Contact the leaders to let us know you're coming.

As an incentive, those participating in the April cleanup will have preference for the June Patuxent Kayak Kamper.

For the safety of the group as a whole, trip participants must agree to abide by club policies and rules and to follow instructions of the trip leader. Potential paddlers will be pre-screened for skills and equipment.

Start Paddling Sooner!

Print out and sign this CPA Waiver of Liability form and bring it with you to the launch location.

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